5.3 Alpha 4.6 Roadmap

The following is our roadmap for planned changes in the next 5.3 alpha build, planned for release in late-May 2020.


  • New Casual Theme for beginner players
  • Scatter Plot
  • New Profile Menu
  • Life Graph
  • Density Graph for players
  • Scatter plot preview on Song Select
  • Crystal Noteskins
  • Begin sqlite profiles
  • New Colour schemes for soundwaves
  • New 5.0 legacy colour scheme for soundwaves
  • Extra sub modifiers for Wave
  • Begin work on NoteTypeMult
  • Restore Window Functions missing due to new window system
  • Fix missing features from Pump
  • Fix noteskins on Pump
  • Add Metric to choose notedraworder for different modes
  • Add BothAtOnce
  • Fix RageMath Matrices
  • Fix Vertex Selection overflow
  • Fix GL vertex order
  • Fix Localisation Upper/Lower overflow
  • Add more help information on mapping screen


  • Fix Fullscreen Windowed Borderless
  • Attempt to override DPI/HiDPI Windows 10 errors
  • Fix Bad Sound Math
  • Fix Vertex positional data


  • Fix Fullscreen Windowed borderless


  • Fix Resize Method on 10.14->
  • Fix DPI scaling
  • Fix Fullscreen Windows borderless

Arm/Arm64 Debian/Arch/Raspbian (Armv7j/l/k/z/hf armv7-aarch64 / Armv8a/c/j/k Armv8-aarch64):

  • Fix RageMath
  • Fix char to int errors
  • Fix 64 bit handles
  • Fix pipe to allow floating point textures
  • Fix backtrace for crash handler
  • Remove Forced SSE/SSE2 in libmad/libjpeg/crash handler
  • Force 5551 texture formats
  • Add Monotonic clock support
  • Add Neon/SIMD extensions
  • Add Panfrost GPU detection
  • Add VideoLogic GPU detection
  • Add Exynos GPU detection
  • Add Mali GPU detection
  • Add Vivante GPU detection
  • Add Pulse Support
  • Add ALSA layer
  • Add libUSB layer

About this item:

I’m curious about what you mean exactly: are you talking about the modifiers (like vanish, earthworm etc, for example), the differences on the menuing experience (example: the command window), the timing windows, the scoring system…? Also, it may be too early to ask, but will those features be available only on pump gamemode/theme?

It’s from the back end for now. it’s why we’ve not detailed it explicitly.

Features we need to properly implement a ‘separate’ mode for pump are not in the engine yet, and this needs to be resolved. Timing and scoring are important of course.

As for mods, they likely will be globally set, but usable only in the specific modes, depending on what folks want to be honest, we’ve not locked down any mods before, so I doubt any specific ones will be moving forward.

Hope this helps


I see, thanks for explanation