Automatic Difficulty Rating + Numerical Metrics

Despite it being ugly as hell, there was one reason I used CyberiaStyle over other skins back on 5.1: it had a core option to automatically change the displayed difficulty of charts based on the difficulty estimate from Edit Mode.

I am desperate for this option to come back with official support, maybe with different options for difficulty scaling (Old DDR, ITG, New DDR) and display support for decimal points in chart difficulty (Showing a song as something like an “8.65”, for example).

Old-heads like me who haven’t ever really played newer arcade releases prefer the old rating system, and I’m sure current arcade players like the new system; I don’t want to have to go in and modify each chart in each file individually, nor do I have the skill with theme editing to create a feature like this myself. That being said, I don’t know how challenging it would be to implement additional difficulty scales.

Additionally, I adore the new (at least to me) trio of metrics featured in Outfox on the song select screen in place of the classic Groove Radar, showing “Complexity”, “Jumps”, and “Flow”, and was curious if the team had considered adding the numerical value used to calculate these metrics overlayed on top of the graphs. On the default theme, these spikes are a little small/shallow, so a number would go a long way, at least for me, toward comprehension.

The progress on 5.3 is stellar and I’m looking forward to future releases!

I remember a depreciated 3.9 + Redux song tag called MeterRating (or was it RatingType) that allowed the simfile artist to flag what rating scale the song used (DDR, ITG, and DDRX were the possible values) so the boss songs get red texted properly (10/10+ for Classic and ITG, 16+ for DDRX). I remember it being a Song Info setting in 3.9+R in the editor, but it hasn’t appeared since in 5.0’s or Outfox’s editors. I did use Cyberia style, but I remember it Pushing the lower values to be more in line with X, even the new charts that didn’t escape 9 on Hard/Difficulty 4. But yeah, if it’s not hard to bring back the tag (Forgot if it ever got implemented in 5 before that stagnated), would be a great feature because of how weird the community is with rating. For the tag itself, yeah, let’s keep in the old values as they are.

Regardless of how accurate it was to official ratings systems (and I know I may be alone in that stance), what I’m primarily looking for is consistency-- Stepmania could use its own auto-rerating system for all I care, as long as those ratings are universal.

Some sort of #BOSS:YES; or #BOSS:1; flag might also be nice in terms of individually mandating red-text songs.

There are a lot of little ticky-tacky feedback items I could come up with, but far and away getting the difficulty display universalized is number one with a bullet on my list.

Yeah, I feel you there. I was thinking that maybe have a file that drops into either the song Folder (Strictly Business’s folder, for example) to rerate a single song (For Groups that have different rating styles like DDR 1st - SuperNova2’s use of Classic and X ratings from sites like ZIV) or drop into the group folder (DDR X, DDR Ultramix, and ITG, for example) to rerate all similarly rated files in a batch. That file would be a text editable file that would have:
RatingScale: Classic/ITG/X

With the new ‘visible’ metrics now in the Soundwaves theme (NPS), maybe the rerating system would be more robust depending on what scale you use (assume that same tags as rating scales do not get converted):
DDR: Songs with the ITG file will have all of the double digit levels pushed into 10s. Songs with the X file will follow the old conversion that someone came up with
ITG: Songs with the DDR file will have all of the 9s and 10s rerated dependent on Complexity, Jumps/Holds, and NPS (or maybe just 10s, leaving ‘lighter’ 10s at 10 like bag and Sakura). Songs with the X file will first be converted to DDR rating, then to ITG rating
X: Songs with the DDR file will base its conversion to the old DDR -> X conversion, but will weigh in Complexity, Jumps/Holds, and NPS to allow some variance (Cartoon Heroes would be a 15, for example). Songs with the ITG file will base its conversion to the old ITG -> X conversion, but will take in the same values into account like if it was to convert DDR -> X

Of course, the big issue will be joke files that have numbers that break the rating system, like Shake Your Body from one of the DDREI Tournamixes.

But yeah, those are my thoughts on how it could be done, we’ll see if it gets implemented. Sorry for not crediting the person that figured out the old X -> DDR /DDR -> X conversions for people to edit into their own simfiles.

I mean, joke and gimmick files are going to be outliers, so accounting for them feels unnecessary. I’m personally trying to curate a home Omnimix of Gold- and Silver-age (Through X3vs2nd) official Konami simfiles and official-style pad files, so gimmick stuff isn’t a concern for me.

At the end of the day, you control what’s in your setup and what you make. I don’t mind personally brutal files exceeding the old 1-10 system (which I believe only accounted for around 16 on the new system), because I know there’s nonsense in more recent installments that DEFINITELY exceeds what used to be considered a 10.

I also still feel like adding decimals as an option would be a vast improvement, since even in the new system there seems to be disparity from one end of a scale’s rating to the other. If I see an 8.5 on the old system, I know it’s smack in the middle of that rating gradient, as opposed to an “easy 8” or a “hard 8”-- I BELIEVE newer GFdm/Gitadora titles started doing this, replacing the old 1-99 rating system with 1.00 to 9.99 (but I could be misremembering).

Either way, there’s a case to be made for slightly more granularity, and the ability for players to customize their own experience, particularly if it’s not TOO difficult for the devs to implement. It’s been done before in Stepmania, it just needs official support!

This so much, tired of having entire folders being red because they use the X scale.

While it doesn’t solve the problem of specifically mandating songs as boss songs, I found a solution to your problem.
If you go under Appearance > Themes > _fallback > Scripts, and open “03 Gameplay.lua” with a text editor, you can edit the “GetExtraColorThreshold” for DDR from 10 to 15 (edit: or 16, or 100 if you hate extra color).
I feel like this should be done automatically when you switch the preferred extra threshold in the options. Maybe something for the devs to consider?