Crash on Manjaro XFCE Edition

I just started setting up Manjaro XFCE Edition (Because Garuda Linux decided to go number 2 on me), and I downloaded OutFox from the AUR. After booting it up with the packages in which I have previously downloaded, I try to start the game, and it crashes me out. I could use the sync machine just fine, but it doesn’t want to let me play with the packages I installed. Could there be an issue with the code regarding this?

Edit: This is on the latest alpha.

What do you mean you downloaded it “from the AUR”? Last I heard, we don’t have a version there or on any package manager for that matter. If you didn’t get it from GitHub, this forum, or the Project OutFox site itself, I would NOT trust it unless we specifically mention the file source as one we maintain.

There is an AUR package called “outfox_bin”, which is maintained by who I assume to be Jose Valera (The maintainer’s AUR username is jose1711). That’s the version I downloaded off of Pacman using Yay. Since we have Stepmania in the AUR, it only made sense for someone to make an AUR for OutFox. It worked on Garuda Linux just fine for me, @Sudospective. Just thought I’d point this out.

That is definitely not me, I’m not on Arch Linux’s AUR, that’s actually from another user who is on the discord but from what we’ve seen never asked for permission to add it there.

Huh. Interesting to say the least. Good thing I checked, though @Jose_Varela. I didn’t know that was an “illegal” package, despite OutFox being Open Source (I use “Illegal” very loosely here for a reason, not trying to trash anyone here). It worked fine for me to say the least, though.

Update: I just built Alpha 4.10, and added the packages into that. It does the same thing whenever I try to play the game on Dance mode.

In this case, what packages are you talking about? Is it song packs, themes, noteskins, announcers?

It might have been a song pack that I downloaded. I’ll double check and see if that pack is the cause.

Edit: Airloss Simfiles 1st is the cause of the problem. We can close this thread now. I was an idiot the entire time.

I have been able to somewhat recreate the situation, as trying to extract the contents of the pack will attempt to convert its string to a readable form (Given one of the songs [Night of Nights] appears to use Traditional Chinese (Windows) encoding for the file name of the music file [i could be wrong about the encoding]). When trying to convert it to mac (Given I use that), one of the songs ended up with a question mark in the folder name, which escapes he character, resulting on only the first part of the path.

Captura de Pantalla

Removing these question marks from the folder names should restore functionality.

I’ll try that, and see if that works.

Edit: It seems that there is a decoding issue with this pack, probably because of how old it is. There are foreign characters that were used specifically for decoding purposes in SSC-SM which don’t work in OutFox. On Manjaro XFCE, all the song names are fine for me, and it’s the MP3 files for the songs that are the cause, maybe.