Documentation on the Song Step Editor

Is there documentation for the step editor? I am a novice stepper, but would like to add steps to some music that is more to my taste. I do understand the challenges of getting music that has consistent BPM.

Lastly, thanks for Outfox. I know know much work it can be to build and support an open source project.

Right now it is being written alongside development from it. It is changing all the time, so information can fluctuate.
There’s already a stepping stone explaining some of the new options that are on the preview build of the new editor (Available on Alpha 4.11), which you can check here:

For the basic stuff about adding notes, just press 1 through the number of columns available on the current game mode you’re on. Example: If you’re on dance, that would be 1-4, pump would be 1-5, popn can be 1-9, etc.

You can also get shortcuts about what keys to use by pressing F1 in the editor (It is planned to redo this entire screen too).