Every minor SoundWaves problem that annoys perfectionists

In this thread I’m going to document every single problem/misplacement/inconsitency that I have found in the SoundWaves Theme.

Sorry for all typos in advance


  1. Jukebox is missing header, and a helptext. The darker bar at the bottom is also missaligned.

  2. The CD Title images present on SM3.9 and SM5.1 are missing from banners



    (And yes, the font is broken, but that’s a different matter)

  3. Any of the OptionExplanation’s background does not cover the full screen

  1. There is a 1 pixel gap between the header and the banner in song select. This also applies to the background of song info.

  1. When selecting “OutFox Credits” at the options menu, there is no autoplay enabled, and it realy sucks to see all the misses next to credits. (I suggest turning on Autoplay by deafult, but any input other than Esc should give back the control to the specific player. This is a realy nice place to put some kind of Eastereg btw)

  1. Exiting “Select Game” option at main menu redirects you to “Options” screen, not back to Main Menu.

  2. When pressing escape in some of the subcategories in “Options” some of them go back one screen, some take you back all the way to starting Options Menu, and others take you back to Main Menu.

More are probably coming soon.
Have a nice day!

  1. Will look at. I don’t poke at Jukebox much.

  2. Intentional, but possibility for an option in the future. Nowadays CDTitles are not used often outside of DDR-centric communities (if at all), so Soundwaves uses the chart author parameter instead. CDTitles will be added back.

  3. Intentional design decision; it’s meant to be seen as a separate “pane” from the option rows themselves.

  4. I took a closer look and it doesn’t appear like that. There is a slight shadow under the header but I see no gaps between it and the orange “stripe”


  1. I’d consult @Jousway on that part.

  2. This is because the screen is also accessed from the service menu.

  3. I’ve actually fixed a few of those on Alpha 4.5’s version of Soundwaves

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  1. Ok.

  2. Understood. I would like to see that option tho. Ok.

  3. Makes sense, but it’s still broken…

  4. Possible…

  5. Ok.

  6. Ik, but it still should recognise from what place it was accesed.

  7. Ok.

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The CDtitles, width of options screens, and jukebox menu have all been fixed in Alpha 4.5


Aww, yes - The 4.5 Color Scheme Options…
3 times more the fun in pointing out problems, and I’ve alredy found quite a few:

Part 2: All Themes (4.5 Edition)

  1. The animated textured background in Main Menu doesn’t cover the whole screen. If that’s intended, the transition is not blured properly.

  2. There is a similar problem to that mentioned above everywhere else:

  3. Life Bar palette is blule and orange/yellow regardless of theme. Also the song progress bar is always blue.

  4. The textured arrows on an EXIT button are such a wasted oppurtunity in 2P mode.

    Never mind, I changed my mind. They look nice.

  5. Arrows in HelpText use the same texture, and thus, the shading is inconsistent.
    Base Profile Screenshot 2020.04.05 -

  6. ScreenOptions LineHighlight has a fixed color palette (in all themes).

    (These are two screens pasted in one image btw)

  7. Vaporwave Scheme uses the same (or very similar) Helptext pallete as the Default one, so the shade is off

  8. In Vaporwave The menu buttons are different colour.

  9. In Grass theme The groups stay blue. The banners are also fixed colour.

  10. “Now you won’t prove me wrong when I say that there is another small pixel gap!”

That’s it for now!

I might be late to say, but these posts aren’t supposed to mock anyone responsible for the themes. I know you guys are working hard on the game. Have a nice day!


Many of those are limitations with how we do the color scheme system.

The title menu color is different to provide it with better contrast (as the title screen menu is not on a dark BG like the mode menu)

Line highlight is meant to be based on the player colors, which remain consistent.

On Vaporwave the footer is intended to be a blue color. Didn’t want to go overboard on the pink.

Though that gap with the recently played list is more definitive.

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“Yeah, well, it’s a bad idea to heve it designed that way then, isn’t it?”

In my opinion the darker buttons look much better. An you yourself said that you don’t want to overdo with the pink. I now get your reasoning tho.

Yes, they are, but in the Deafault Scheme they are fitting the rest of the theme (especially the buttons), but in the other themes they don’t. That’s my issue.

I know that it’s supposed to be blue, but the shade present is bit too light compared to the background in my opinion.
(I did a real quick and dirty edit in Gimp to visualize my palette idea)


Thanks again for your time!

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Then lets change how we do the colour scheme system. I agree many of these points ruin the aesthetic of the theme, so should rightly be fixed.


Part 3: Let’s be quick today…

  1. “I wasn’t crazy afterall”
    The pixel gap exists, but in a different place. Also the shadow doesn’t cover the whole banner.

    (The way I marked that is kinda wrong, but I swear there is a gap below)

  2. “Profile ghosts”
    P1/P2 select highlights are still visible in profile menu.

  3. “Who would even need that?”
    Sync Calibration doesn’t apply the custom palettes.

  4. “Do I have to say anything else?”

    (Well it was only visible when translated)

Coming Soon: The animation erros!
(If I only know how to edit videos properly)

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Part 4.1: No, I still don’t know how to edit videos…

  1. “Hope you have a 4K display or somethin’”
    When in Sync Menu, sometimes the background doesn’t load in 1440p.
    Once it loads, it’s displayed normally even after resolution changes.

    (<3 That tune)

  2. “I hope it’s gona get recolourable anyways”
    The part connecting LineHighlights is displayed only when first accesing Options Menu.

    (Ik that there is untranslated line, but I was too lazy to redo the edit)

  3. “Wait, Pause”
    The highlight of pause buttons is weirdly coloured (in Default Color Scheme),.

    Also the pause menu doesn’t loop for some reason.]

Part 4.2: 4:3 is not gonna be overlooked

  1. “Just a bit…”
    Pause buttons are smaller than in 16:9 (duh), but they are too small localize them, and I don’t see any reason for making them this size (16:9 dimensions will fit just fine).
    This is an edit:

    The untranslated text barely fits too, so it doesn’t look well.

    26.“Lalala~, another gap~!”
    The banners are aligned differently - There is a pixel gap on all three sides (and the left one bigger than the rest)

  2. “Just slightly”
    Song count is bit off to the left

  3. “Citing my early draft: Complexity is even though it’s yes”
    Whole difficulty display is cramped together, even though there is plenty of space on the left. It’s especially visible with “Complexity” being squished.

    Also the darker part doesn’t cover one pixel on the left side.

  4. The whole 4:3 looks like it’s offset by one pixel to right (visible in cases 26. and 27). It may be my 16:9 display’s fault tho.

Can’t wait for the 4.6 Theme update!
You guys are doing an amazing job and don’t let me prove otherwise :wink:!


Very minor, but as it currently stands, if you fail whilst playing a track you have to wait for the fail animation, then wait for ScreenEvaluation, ScreenProfileSave and ScreenSelectMusic to transition in and out which makes grinding for a pass slow if you don’t react fast enough. Anything to speed up this process would be ideal - maybe the ability to quickly restart from the failure animation at the end of ScreenGameplay


Part 5: Did you miss me?

  1. “Graphic Design is my passion - Moneko, 2020”
    There is a ton of misalignments in the difficulty display on song wheel.

    (No, that is not my avatar, but it got in the way and Paint doesn’t have diagonal arrows, so I had to make my own)

  2. “At least it’s not one”
    Difficulty box in gameplay is off by two pixels.

    (Also applies to P2)

  3. “Nice”
    3 digit difficulties are squashed in gameplay.
    Base Profile Screenshot 2020.07.14 -

  4. “Alphabet”
    Default judgement font on new installation is set to Aceshaped instead of Outfox.

As you can see, the list is getting shorter, so good job!
Looking forward to analyze Alpha 5’s theme!

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