Game Refresh Rate Not Correct on Linux Mint

Here’s a doozy:

Whenever I play the latest version on Linux Mint 20.3, I always see that the game is not rendering at 165 FPS, when I have it set as such. I make sure that Vsync is off just to make sure. For some reason, I get tearing, and what looks like 60 FPS. That’s weird. This also happened while using Nobara Project.

I thought I’d make a clarification, just in case I confused someone: The renderer I was using was OpenGL (GLAD didn’t seem to work). Apologies for not clarifying.

I’ll cut to the chase here:

When in the Graphics settings on Linux (Mint 21 Cinnamon in my case), I see that under Display/Graphics settings, and under Display and Resolution, the Display Mode is either “Generic X11 Display” or “Windowed”. Under the Refresh Rate section of that menu, it’s either “Default” or “0”, and the Refresh Rate is set to 60. I wonder if this was known before releasing this first LTS release.

Thanks for your report, devs are investigating this issue.