[Guide] Improving on StepMania 5.3 Outfox

This guide will teach you everything such as Roll Notes, Timing Windows, Marathons and etc.

Had you ever wanted to upgrade from “Novice” to “Average” to Expert to “Pro?”
well this guide is for you. (This won’t help everyone, we all learn differently.)

   Find the perfect timing window

Having trouble improving?! Well change your timing setup.
Click on a song, press Enter and once this popup from the Image below appears, press Enter one more time.

Now check to see which timing window you prefer and can time Flawlesses or Perfects easily with it.

Now let’s move on to the next.


If you are not use to playing with the keybinds setup in the game or the arrow keys, try changing your keybinds.

If your hands are not crammed together, the better you can play. Here are a list of some of the best keybinds;
ASDL (which is also my keybind, however not recommended if you prefer playing with 2 hands and all fingers but not 2 hands and 1 finger)

Roll Notes, Marathons, Long Songs

You may of seen something like this before:

Or also like this before:

A long song… well is just a long song basically…
A Marathon is basically the same as a long song but longer.
Marathons and Long Songs are useful if you want to test yourself. There isn’t to explain about marathons and long songs so I’ll just skip to roll notes.

Roll Notes are a type of hold note that however is the opposite of hold notes. Instead of holding a roll note, you have to hit repeatly until it crosses the end or else it will award you with a NG/Not Good/Bad

A Roll Note: (May look different depending on your skin)

Last piece of advice: Don’t hit too late, but don’t hit too early.
Well you made it to the end of this guide. Keep in-mind, this won’t help everyone, everyone learns differently.
If I find anything else that could be useful to help you improve I will put it in this guide. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Having trouble? Like I said,

A guide can’t teach everyone it depends on our skill on how we want to improve, not on guides.
Just practice everyday, you’ll get it. Nobody is perfect but everybody has a skill.

Feel free to message me or reply if you know something that you know could help people improve that isn’t on this guide. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just wanted to say that the longer the map is, the better the practice so marathons are good for ya. I am not editing because I can’t edit this topic anymore for some reason.

What is up with your screen camera positioning?

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Sorry for the late reply, I was working on a project, I thought you were talking about the way I positioned my screenshots but I am pretty sure it is my laptop screen or overscan position, can you verify that before I answer?

wait, my laptop screen and overscan position isn’t even noticable. Well, long story short I didn’t had time to took the screenshots and I was in a rush to make this so I didn’t bother to edit it, or try to snap a better screenshot. Does this answer your question?

bump: I wanted to add on that accuracy and ratio matters for score and probably should be in this list. I’ve also realized that newcomers don’t really think much of ratio which is ones of the reasons why I’ve decided to bump this thread. ratio is defined the proportion of the amount of judgements hit, Accuracy… well that’s self-explainable. For the first image, adding everything that isn’t Marvelous (58 + 46 + 10 + 4) should give you 118 (193 if max combo is also added) 119-118 is your average ratio. it can also work this way: 119 + 58 = 177 + 46 + 10 + 4 = 238 (I honestly forget how I got the 177 there…) since the ratio is pretty much terrible and the accuracy is also terrible will award a really terrible score… you should always aim to have more Marvelous than perfect and below judgements. Anything that isn’t a Marvelous shouldn’t be a number close to the amount of Marvelous. The second image, which if calculated with simple math that literally anyone can do: 33 + 16 = 49 which is lower than Marvelous and also a good ratio. Note that accuracy is 89.53% on the second image and the first image is 75.27% well I wouldn’t call 89.53% accuracy good (because I’m pretty it isn’t) but it ain’t as bad as 75.27% and I recommend you should always aim for accuracy above 85%. If you pass a chart with like terrible ratio and also accuracy, you can always improve the score later on. Anyways this was sort of rushed so I’m sorry if it’s hard to read and all that but I hope the message I’m trying to point out here is clear.
TL;DR: a ratio of 119-118 isn’t the best ratio, marvelous should always be the highest, you should always aim for good accuracy, you can always improve scores that you passed with bad accuracy and not-so-great ratio. I hope this bump is reasonable.
Image 1:

Image 2:

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