How do you make an online profile in stepmania?

Hello, newbie here!

I saw this post on Reddit about the new update:

I was wondering, how do yo even make a profile in stepmania? Does it have to do with connecting to servers? And how does that work anyway? I know this is a loaded question, thanks so much for everyone’s help!!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply, it seems our bot on discord, that warns when there’s a new post ,isn’t working. Those types of profiles are in-game profile to save your stats, they’re good because they help you get a better experience with some mods and you can have difference configs for more than one people that’s playing the game, you can set then in Config > Profiles and create a new profile, you can also edit it, set it to player 1 or 2, define it’s profile with the new system and many more things!

Currently online functionality is deprecated. We do have plans for revamped online functionality in the near future, however.