Ideal Computer Hardware & OS? PC/Mac

Hello! I am very excited to start using StepMania or OutFox! That said, I want to obtain a dedicated computer that is the ideal fit for either or both of these that will last as long as possible before having issues as updates are made to your software.

  1. Please advise - PC or Mac?
  2. Which operating system and version is recommended?

Thank you for any insight!

Both PC and Mac can handle OutFox quite easily, even on basic hardware from the last 5-6 years. Integrated graphics are enough, but it’s better to get something with at least a quad-core CPU and a discrete GPU if you want to play above 720p resolution.

On the PC side, both Windows and Linux can run OutFox. If you want something that “just works” without much effort to setup and maintain, use Windows.

For Macs, StepMania 5.1/5.0 won’t run on macOS Catalina or later. StepMania 5.3 (OutFox) is fully compatible with newer versions of macOS, including Big Sur (even on Apple Silicon M1 powered Macs).

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Thank you so much!!!