Joystick not detected on Linux after using joydev_dancepad (axis fix)

I have pantherlord usb adapter for ps2 dance mats.

They are detected by stepmania, but they do not work correctly due to axis issue ( up+down or left+right does not register )

I installed a driver from and now my axes register as separate buttons in jstest-gtk, but stepmania does not detect any controllers. I can test them in jstest-gtk application, though.

i see
“Outfox Engine: Legacy Joystick subsystem - Found 0 joysticks”

on startup

If i do not use the udev rules hack from the page, i still have the axis problem. Pressing opposite axes cancels out the inputs in the “test inputs” in Stepmania.

Any tips on how to resolve this?

Looks like you already solved this with a help of QjoyPad as per