Judge Setting and Timing Windows

My goal is to replicate a Dance Dance Revolution A/A20/A20+ timing window. I used to do this by using Judge 6, but recently discovered the new timing window presets in OutFox. I tried the DDR preset and found it unreasonably tight… until… I put the Judge setting back to 4. This leads me to believe the Judge setting further modifies the Timing Window preset. Is this true? If so, then what Judge setting should be used when trying to adhere to a specific Timing Window preset?


Yes, this is because the judge setting with a value you’re modifying is the “Judge Scale” option, which essentially increases or decreases the size of all windows.

As for a number scale to define for making a Timing Window Preset, 4 should be considered, as it is the value with the default scale value (1).

The following are the scales:

Number Scale Number
1 1.50
2 1.33
3 1.16
4 1.00
5 0.84
6 0.66
7 0.50
8 0.33
Justice 0.20

Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks so much for helping me understand!