Look into enabling "bothatonce" for 2-Player-Mod-Files

[Idea by Discord User “A Dancing Maractus”]
You know how some modded sim files require 2 players on?
Why not make at a feature so the songs that require 2 players can only be played on 2 players?
Either a menu where you can choose the songs you want to only be on 2 players, or maybe with in a sim file, some code making stepmania only detecting the song on 2 players?
This would make it so arcades with users who add songs into there stepmania machine would possibly be more willing to get modded songs on there machine with out having to see a game crash once in a while.

[Responses so far]
im gonna hit you with some hard truth. thats been in the game since oITG, just nobody used the flags (or knew about them)
the flags require another game mode to be added, thats probably why nobody uses the flags

we were thinking about eventually adding bothatonce from NotITG.
but that … that might be something

like for example, we have a couples mode ready to push, but because nobody used the couples flag in their files, they get defaulted to doubles