Options to make In-Game-Player-Feedback Items appear above or under notefield

[Idea by Jubo]
Ability to make toasties appear behind the note field.

This could also include Combo, Judgement, Timings, Percentage score too. I guess in the main menu options under gameplay options maybe…

[To Discuss]

  • This sounds more like a PlayerOption, not a MachineOption.
  • the way it is now is proven to work from a UXpoint of view. Most commercial Dance Games do it like this, so in case this feature gets implemented, the current setting should stay default.
  • A full list of potential Elements subject to be placed above/below is needed in order to further evaluate the scope of this idea.

Works both ways, Machine Option for default settings just incase the theme or player doesn’t have the settings on/off or/and over/under layer. Player option after entering song can be an option as always, but not all themes work the same way. Hence maybe machine option can be access to all themes instead exclusively to a theme option.