OutFox Serenity Volume 2 Submission now open!

If you missed our volume announcement, you can read about it here: https://projectoutfox.com/news/outfox-serenity-volume-2-winter-update

Here are the ways you can contribute:

Joining our Discord Server

We have a Serenity-focused discord server where you can interact with the serenity team and other members of the community who are also contributing.

  1. Click here to join. (or copy the invite code: mNcFU67mK7)
  2. After reading the rules channel, grab simfile templates inside the #simfile-templates
    channel, those will help with your development as they already have any required metadata such as bpm changes/author info/keysounds…etc. (It is important to note that you’re not allowed to change the main chart header if you want to apply bpm changes/attack it should only take place in your chart)
  3. Submit your chart using the #chart-submission channel.

If you want to contribute with graphics, use the #graphic-submissions channel, and make sure to read our graphics guidelines here.

It’s important to note that OutFox Serenity Volume 2 will be the last time we use the serenity exclusive discord server to accept submissions/tell where people should go, after submissions are closed we will switch back to the main Project OutFox Server.

Open a Pull Request to our OutFox Serenity Repository

If you know how to use Github, you can open a pull request to our repository, click here to open.

Make sure you’re targeting the right branch when making a pull request, in this case, the branch “v2.5”.

Take your time and have fun making part of OutFox Serenity!