OutFox Serenity Volume I song list reveal!

The songs that made the cut for the first #ProjectOutFox community song pack have been revealed! Thank you all for your interest. Your submissions were invaluable for measuring and defining the scale of our first release, and we are very glad that you took the time to fill in our form!

We received a huge number of submissions with lots of greats tunes, but due to the amount of submissions and the resources currently available to us, we had to cut down on the number of songs for our first season. That being said, we plan to revisit your submissions soon for usage in future featured packs. Without further ado, the final track list is:

Reminder: you can still sign up to contribute with charts and graphics! Learn more on this topic.

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I hope there are some marathons. The longer the song is, the better!

Out of curiosity, when I had submitted my tracks I had included more than two, but the message I got about lack of selection only listed two of them. Does that mean that those are the only two that are being considered for later, or did something get lost somewhere?

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It was probably an oversight at the time emails were being written, but all submitted tracks are still up for being revisited in the future

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Okay, thanks for clarifying!

I probably have some songs that never saw the light of day that I produced. Are you guys accepting songs for a future list? If so, how would I go about sending them, because I don’t use SoundCloud or Spotify, and uploading to YouTube would be a bit of a hassle.

Yes, we’re always still looking for more tracks that could be featured on future updates. You can learn more about it here.

After checking the rules and regulations, I would be DQ’d anyway. I don’t license any of my songs at all (I don’t even have one). Always a good thing to double check. I don’t use Discord, so I’d be in trouble regardless.