P2IO drivers not working in Linux Mint

I recently installed the latest build of Linux Mint Xfce 21.1 on a new drive then downloaded the latest Outfox amd64 release

I made all the necessary changes to preferences.ini

Game launches just fine and I can navigate with my keyboard but none of my inputs on my Betson machine work and the game doesnt seem to recognize the P2IO board at all in the Test Input screen.

I have an older build of Linux Mint 18 with starworlds that works just fine on another drive on the same computer but it doesnt seem to support the groovestats launcher.

Has anyone gotten their Python2 board working in Outfox for Linux?

I looked through the Log and saw this

WARNING Main Thread Libusb: usb_open: Permission denied
WARNING Main Thread InputHandler_Python23IO: could not establish a connection with the I/O device.

Hey there, do you mind joining the Discord server so devs can better directly assist you? You’re pretty much the first person using a P2IO on Linux Mint as far as we know.