Pad inputs no longer recognized BUT pad still recognized (4.5.6 and 4.5.8HF)

MacOS player here (10.14.6 Mojave). After playing alpha 4.5.6 for a couple days, my pad inputs stopped registering. I tried to remap and while my pad was still recognized, the button inputs were not. Did the following…

Switched to my 2nd pad. Same issue. It was recognized as a different pad, but the inputs didn’t register.

Switched USB ports. Same issue.

Deleted prefs and reinstalled. Same issue.

Installed 4.5.8HF. Same issue.

Tested with 5.0.12. It does not have this issue. My pads are recognized AND the inputs register.

I’m not sure if this warrants a bug report without trouble shooting first. The pad inputs were recognized for a couple of days, so I wonder if some preference/setting somewhere has been corrupted.

Could someone tell me how to do a complete uninstall? As in where are all of the system files/folders (Library, Application Support, Preferences, etc.) are that need to be deleted?

Any other ideas or help would be appreciated.


edit: added MacOS ver.

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Try to follow the steps that are linked here:
If that fails or you think you need assistance, try asking again on the Discord Server

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