Playable songs?

Hi, I just installed StepMania and I’m only seeing about 3-4 songs available on the list. Are there more that can be downloaded?


Hello, for now the game only comes with the 3 StepMania default songs + one credit song, you’re expected to download songs from the community somewhere else, one example is which has many packs. However, a new community pack is in the works which will bring more music to come with the game.

If you happened to be someone who likes Hololive @loveles , these packs might do the trick. There’s three of these, and they’re always being updated by the creator (He goes by KyokiShinsa).

This is the link to that. Make sure you save it as a bookmark, and follow him on YouTube (Search KyokiShinsa too): KyokiShinsa Stepmania folders