PlayerOption to remove lower timing windows

[Idea by Discord User “A Dancing Maractus”]
A way for a player to disable lower timing windows.

An implementation of this is currently existing in the Simply Love theme, where it is possible to remove the “Way Off” (W5) or “Decent & Way Off” (W4 & W5) timing windows thru PlayerOptions.

The way Simply Love has it implemented is by a PlayerOption which applies to all active Players (i.e. P1 cannot have a different setting on this Option than P2).

It is not getting saved to a player profile, thus resetting to the default value (W4 and W5 enabled) each reboot of StepMania.

[To Discuss:]

  1. is it technically possible to utilize different settings if there is more than one player in a session?
  2. would it be reasonable to save this Preference to a PlayerProfile?
  3. how to handle this feature with ProTiming (which features W1-W11 instead of W1-W5)?

It generally saves to the main OutFox preferences file, as it affects both players. The idea with this function was to implement it with the concept of both pads having the issue of input.

Can it be separated per player?
I would have to analyze and see if we can even do that.

As for handling more timing windows, I’m not even sure people would want to disable more judgments than that; It’s always been either Decent (W4) or WayOff (W5). We should probably stick to just W4 and W5.