Potential Apache License 2.0 Concerns

I just read the Apache 2.0 License, and in that license, it specifically states that you can distribute a piece of open-source software. It’s actually similar to CC-BY if anything. All of this happens to be my human-readable interpretation of Apache 2.

On a recent post I made regarding a bug with one of the old Stepmania packs crashing the game on Manjaro XFCE, someone (I’m not naming any names), said that we need permission to distribute the software. That would be in violation of Apache 2, unless the person does not commit to “preservation of copyright and license notices”.

The packager of the AUR (who was found to be a Discord user) maybe forgot to mention that it was licensed under Apache 2.0, and that’s understandable. However, requiring permission to distribute open-source software (as long as the distributor preserves the copyright and lisence notices) is against the license, and makes it seem like a proprietary license. I would not recommend using a license that you’re not comfortable with if you’re not willing to open-source anything (not just games like OutFox).

That’s a misinterpretation of the terms of the Apache License. Given that the name of the user who has created the AUR package mentioned on the previous thread was a similar name to one of the team, that doesn’t mean that is official, unless it is officially stated on the announcements channel or the website.

In the replies we’re not trying to stop users from distributing the game, but there’s no (if at all) information stating that it is unofficial.

We will be running our own repos sometime next year to provide builds for package managers.

I read the Apache 2 License on the GitHub page for the game. Maybe I must’ve misinterpreted the Attributions.

Although the dev team has initially considered its code to be Apache, there are still assets in the tarball that is not covered under this license, including the default songs, artwork related to the mascot (which is non-free and/or copyrighted, as mentioned in the license file for the default theme), and the Discord library.

When the source is made available, there will have to be a version that does not contain any of these non-free blobs, and this would be the version better-suited for proper packaging.

Though, the more complex thing is that the AUR is more of a wrapper around our existing and official GitHub tarballs rather than technically a redistribution of it.

Disclaimer: IANAL, and these are my personal opinions and do not reflect those of the full team.

So, if I’m reading this right, most of your assets in the game are not Apache, but rather, a proprietary license that I might have missed. If that’s the case, I might have had some issues of a game being partly open source (much to the likes of 0 A.D., who uses CC)