Prioritize #BGCHANGES Scripts

I know I’ve already submitted a feature idea thread, but here’s another:
On Supernova CS, back on the PS2, dancing characters would always be displayed, UNLESS there was a scripted video in the background, which would be prioritized over the animated 3D dancers.
I like using beware’s old scripted videos ripped from Extreme (I use them in personal files for BG changes myself, and have a couple older packs that also use them), but pulling from these random videos by default can lead to some less than satisfactory results, as a large number of them are snippets of longer videos, or don’t loop correctly.
However, if you choose to turn off BG animations in the options, not selecting any of the “random” options, it stops showing movies entirely, ignoring scripted videos.

Would it be feasible to add an option to prioritize scripted #BGCHANGES (ON/OFF), and then decide how the background behaves if there are no scripted #BGCHANGES (i.e. Random Movies, Still Images, Dancers, No BG, etc.)?

I know this would likely be a low-priority feature, since it doesn’t really have to do with core gameplay, but I feel it would be a nice touch for the game’s aesthetic.

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