Problems with Screenshots

I would like remind you about a topic we’ve disscussed sometime in February/March - Screenshots

  1. Screenshots made by the PrtSc (on Win10) are taken incorrectly (sometiomes they are good, but for the most part - they’re not)
    I know alredy that the solution for this problem is in development (some rendering technical stuff idk much about).

  2. Screenshots taken by the game (saved to “Screenshots” folder) are low resolution (around 480p on actual 1440p screen)
    I checked Settings Menu for some adjustments, but I didn’t find any. I would like to ask if it would be hard to make some adjustments to make capturing possible in modern resolutions.

(Also, screenshots and recordings made by GeFoece Experience are 100% fine)

This is not a serious problem, but I don’t want this topic to be lost/forgotten, so here it is.

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screenshots have been on purpose low res since like 4.0 cvs in 2006, if you want a highres screenshot hold shift and then press prtsc

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After a discussion on Discord, the Dev Team agreed to enable support for Hi-Res-Screenshots through a Machine Option Setting, thus keeping both, Low- and Hi-Res-Screenshots as a selectable option.

This is already staged and will be part of an upcoming release. Commit # 20349eda

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Another Quick Idea:

Some users may prefer not to have their screenshots saved to a folder, and just to clipboard.
I suggest including an OFF option next to the screenshot resolution settings.