Project OutFox 5.3 Alpha 4.9.9HF3 released

OutFox Alpha 4.9.9HF3 Build

Download here

Release Date: 4th August 2021

“How’s that new feature coming along?”

(Incorporates Internal Builds 4.9.9HF-rc0 to 4.9.9HF-rc4)

Due to there now being a limit on the length of our changelog reports they will be mirrored at our OutFox Wiki.


This build fixes several of the reported bugs, as we had to pull the previous release due to operating system updates between release dates. Sometimes having a monthly release schedule is awesome, but it does tire us out!

Anyways… Lets get back to the update.

This mini hotfix includes a few things we were going to leave to the next release, but as we had to fix bugs in them anyway, it was easier to apply.

Signed Mac builds update!

The big news is we (now finally!) have passed the prerequisites for GateKeeper on Mac, so this hotfix should behave and work fine, without any issues. Do remember to just drag and drop as the dmg lets you know how to do so, and it will run as other applications. Thanks to Jose and Squirrel for their efforts, and Jose for puzzling through, and Jousway for fixing one of the bugs in gh mode which was causing issuess as well.

Notes Loading

There were several issues with the notes loaders and how antivirus/software protection apps were seeing OutFox when we were loading simfiles. This alpha hotfix now has addressed this by allowing you all to add more than one simfile in a song folder, cutting down on the folder rabbit hole. As we move to a more multi-game engine, this will also allow you to keep things tidy on your drive, and ensure it is a seamless experience for you all. Of course, please check the audio files are the same for the chart you are going to add to the folder, as you may find you have a nasty sync issue, but we also now support multidifficulty setups, as this is required for pump and taiko specifically.

Difficulty System Revamp

This hotfix also sees a tweak to the difficulty system used in OutFox. In the past it was tied to the DDR paradigm and then left to rot as one of those ‘StepMania Things’. This however really stifled what we could do within the engine, especially with modes with different names/brackets etc. With the release of gddm and taiko we needed more difficulties than the game offered, so this has now been resolved. Themes which are based off of 5.1/5.0.x will still work due to the numbers being the same as before. If there are any issues with your theme, do let us know, but we have tested several with no issues.

New #VOLUME and #PAN

These features have been missing from our keysound support since 2002, and we are proud to say that we have them in this hotfix! They are completely supported in gddm from the parser, (do reset your cache of course!) and they also work in beat/popn. taiko will need the support as well, so shout out to Jous for putting up with my waaaahh-luigi on getting it added to the game. This build also supports the hidden chips/keysounds for gddm and we’ll work on getting the final compatibility added in due course.

New gh Modernisation

Due to the need to run with a slightly more secure runtime on Mac OS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey on the Intel based macs there were some functions in our gh mode which gatekeeper did not approve of. The way the notes were cast have been fixed, fever/star power has been sorted to be more gh3 like, and taps and open strums are also tweaked to be better. Please give them a try and let us know! A theme for this mode is in the works, so apologies for the barebone approach we have at the moment. It’s also why we are an alpha after all…


  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE Song Charts will not pan the player correctly when being played
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE Playing beat/popnsongs on Endless Mode may have a crash on song loading. Please be aware that course mode for these modes are a bit tempremental at the moment!
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE gh mode: Some charts have no real ‘standard’ and will cause a crash when loaded into the game
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE techno/popn/gdgf/gddm/gh/para mode: Trying to use the sync audio screen will crash the game - Use dance to sync your game for now
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE gddm mode: We do not support the XA codec at this time, it’ll play silent.
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE beat/popn/gddm some early (pre2013) songs may play some sound samples / keysounds at the wrong speed


Mode Specific

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed SM/SSC Noteloader corruption with some Japanese and Korean Titles/Artists on dance notesloaders
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed DTX Noteloader memory leak
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed DTX Parser missing some drums in gddm mode
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed BMS Keysounds not seeking/reading correctly
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed PMS Keysounds not buffering correctly
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Modernise Keysound system to prevent buffer under-runs
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix BMS/PMS missing channels, Hidden notes will come next Alpha
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix beat crash with charts that had more than 866 keysounds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix popn crash with charts that had more than 1022 keysounds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix #VOLUME not being applied correctly to beat and gddm keysounds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix #PAN not being applied to beat and popn keysounds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix gh loading crash with some older charts.
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed RageSound preload causing missing chips in gddm and notes in beat
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gh crash due to an overzealous lightsman double update
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash in DTX/BMS/PMS due to strings being over optimised on Mac Intel/Linux
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gh note types to please the Mac OS gatekeeper gods
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gh open strum notes
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gh fever to be closer to gh3
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New gh HOPO notes system
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gh tap notes not showing up sometimes on older CHART files


  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed OptionsPrefs issue - Closes #375
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed editor scrolling issue
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed editor buffer overflow when using >496 keysounds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed editor input being sent garbage
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed editor input parser arrays
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash in practice mode
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed endless loop with some older BMS/PMS charts in practice mode - Thanks EDMSPack
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed potential buffer overflow exploit in soundreader
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed keysounds being stopped when they didn’t need to be, forcing a reload of the sound
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Keysound index system
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New Added save on exit theme metrics for option screens
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed freeze on game select screen due to missing module - Thanks Kaede!
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Modernised the notesloader system in preparation for more loaders
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed some types of charts being erroroneously skipped during the parse load
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: NEW Multi Sim File Loading from 1 directory
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: NEW Non DDR difficulty system so we can properly support other modes


  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash on linux versions that do not support the new Neutral Vendor libraries
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash on Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/Arch with inifile due to a race condition
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed edge case crash on Clear/Fedora preventing the game booting on some 4.x / < 5.1 Kernels

ARM32/ARM64: (Raspberry Pi etc)

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed edge case crash on Twister/Raspbian preventing the game booting on some 4.x Kernels
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash on Raspbian with inifile due to a race condition
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash on RockPi 4B/4C when not using the first HDMI port/Audio

Mac OS

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed input with guitar hero based controllers
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Rewrote internal gh mode to fix overly harsh input restrictions
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed internal system to be signed compliant
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New enhanced build pipeline to ensure signing passes on Mac OS Intel
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New streamlined and optimised code for Mac M1 now we are properly signed

OutFox-alpha.4.9.9 Build - 25th July 2021 “Hey! Why don’t you just get up and dance, man?”

(Incorporates Internal Builds to
(Incorporates Internal Builds 4.9.9-rc0 to 4.9.9-rc8)

Binaries have been temporarily removed due to a parsing error, we will be releasing a hot fix build shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience

An abbreviated changelog follows below

In Memorium of SHIKI, a long running well known game music musician, who gave us over two decades of music spanning dance, vocaloid, techno most of which was charted into BMS, SM and others, sadly passed away this month.

This alpha, our loading screen is in memory of one of his more famous StepMania Based Charts, Air.


Digitalic Rain

Angellic Layer

SETSUNA (feat. Hatsune Miku)

Rest In Peace.


?? - 6th July 2021.


  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark::dragon_face::memo: Added ? & ! to number glyph profile
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark::dragon_face::memo: Fixed MFC overflow preventing compile
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark::dragon_face::memo: Fixed PNG causing a crash on legacy codepages
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark::dragon_face::memo: Fixed compile on visual studio community 2019

KNOWN ISSUES: Alpha 4.9.9

  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE gh mode: Some charts have no real ‘standard’ and will cause a crash when loaded into the game
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE techno/popn/gdgf/gddm/gh/para mode: Trying to use the sync audio screen will crash the game - Use dance to sync your game for now
  • :grey_exclamation::x: ISSUE gddm mode: We do not support the XA codec at this time, it’ll play silent.

Full Changelog Follows:

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Note based modifiers


Mode Specific

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed DTX Detection of track/lane sizes overflowing the notefield
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed BMS/DTX/PMS Keysound iterator edge crash
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! DTX Fixed Channel allocation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! DTX REAL mode (10 Lane support)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! DTX Dual Note support for lanes that require it
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! DTX DTX 1A/1B/1C note channel support
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! DTX Parser Support
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gh noteskin position issue
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed popn roll note type explosion
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed BMS missing difficulties (Thanks InfinitePhantasm!)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed PMS missing difficulties (Thanks InfinitePhantasm!)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed DTX missing difficulties (Thanks InfinitePhantasm!)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added main drum types to DTX loader
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! para 8 sensor 360 degree arcade style mode
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added popn 18 lane (effectively popn-doubles)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed BMS Loader array
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed B36 conversion on BMS/PMS/DTX
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed PMS Loader array
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed PMS layouts for 2 player
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added popn doubles to style metrics
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added taitai mode
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed taitai layout and screen gameplay
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added taitai to game selection screen
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed dance row restrictions affecting all modes
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed bug with double image caching on pump and dance
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed missing beat content not installed
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed gdgf issues with strumming
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash with 2 player popn not setting locked difficulties
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed seeded 2 player shuffle for dance/popn/beat
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Raise maximum player tracks to 20
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed ‘roulette’ of sound volume of game assets
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added support to modfiles for 1 column modes
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash on 1 column modes
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed taitai skins with the rewrite of taitai


  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! AutoGen Marker layouts in ScreenSelectMusic
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Haste RateMod control
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Linux RAW support
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! JoyStick Threads
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed x11 title bug in SDL preventing updates to upstream
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Ordering of GetBestFullComboTapNoteScore
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed StepCollector lag in evaluation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed NoteDisplay errors in evaluation calculations
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed common noteskin errors
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed video banners breaking when backing out (Thanks Jubo!)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed video initialisation issue causing some videos to fail to load
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Initial Minefields
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed extra debug lines
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Access Violation on GeForce 4, 100 and 200 series cards
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Access Violation on Radeon 5000, 6000 and 7000 series cards
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Optimised compilation chain for AMD based processors
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed mines appearing in holds issue
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed ModIconRow cycling into an infinite loop causing freezes on some menus
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed note updates and crash on HowToPlay
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash with some keysounds while in Editor
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed hold head active and inactive being swapped on some modes
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed score calculation on screen evaluation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed random mine explosions appearing due to a misplaced math calculation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed player calculations
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed NoteMod slowdown; If not set, turn them off
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed errors in ArrowEffects
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed RNG engine needlessly being called
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed RNG stutter
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Removed RandomGen from the game for a more modern equivalent
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed global calls and RNG seeds not being used
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed linux compile and GCC complaints
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Die Rolling / Coin Flip RNG options
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed duplicate Actor refresh call
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed spiralz/spiralx overflow in axis calculation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added VSync High CPU when not focused pipe
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added F3 + H for high cpu toggle for streamers
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Application knowing whether or not it has focus
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added faster pow^2 math
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Forced mipmapping off on things that do not need it
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added nanosvg support for SVG loading
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added text support for SVG loading
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed missing file closure in Rage image loading
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed parsing of notedata in notedisplay
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed handle releasing on some textures
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed bug with notefield math
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Soundreader issues with mislabelled songs
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Lua Number type casting in NoteField
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed compiler optimisations causing an AV in note display
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed surface headers overflow in image loading
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed bug with GL detection (Thanks Jousway!)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Misaligned notefields with two players
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed hid issue with some older pads
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed hold heads being missed when correctly hit
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed holds shorter than 1/16th being missed
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed cleanup of elements in screengameplay
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Restored edit mode timing signatures option
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added modern ‘pseudo’ RNG to replicate missed ‘expected’ SM5.x behaviour
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed bug with missing buttons not being initialised
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added new Lua hooks to allow consistent modfile RNG generation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added new Hardware MIDI handles to allow ultra low latency control
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed issues with DTX based drumkits only using MIDI channel 9 to send off commands
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed issues with DJ and Midi fighter style controllers having ‘stuck’ pad keys
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added new clap assist sound effect: Drumstick
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added new metronome sound effect: Pan Lid
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed bug with metronome and measure sounds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added new GL system for initialisation and checking, which is linux safe (Thanks Jous!)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added helper message for those with a d3d based renderer entry in their preference.ini
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash with anyone using a 5.0/5.1 d3d entry
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added effect volume F3 + F / F3 + G option on debug menu
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed bug that used Windows 98 era code instead of modern equivalents
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed effect volume turning down the Gameplay music
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed SDL Init() system
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Model animations on P1 when both players are on
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Sound reader memory leak issues
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed SDL input grabbing device handles it shouldn’t
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed adaptable Windows handler so we can detach it from being a massive driver
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Restored Windows resize functions lost due to an SDL bug
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Maximise and Minimise window functions now operate as planned
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Lua faults reported in a few noteskins
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Bad enumeration generation
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Adjusted polling system to reduce CPU load
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed duplicate calls to GetCentreLines()
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed duplicate calls to DrawHoldPart()
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed some controller events being stuck in the queue
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed duplicate calls to GetCentreLines()
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! restore Haste to the game
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed math overflow with Haste
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed application of Haste within the engine, to prevent odd uses outside of gameplay
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed re-sampler and command queue for Haste
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! moved Haste to an easier menu option
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash with Haste not obeying sound effect option
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Added ‘SoundEffectBoth’ (Speed + Pitch) option for rate mods
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Restored ‘SoundEffectPitch’ (Pitch Shift) option for rate mods
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Restored ‘SoundEffectOff’ (No Effect) option for rate mods
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed speed being applied on every option
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash with rate < 1.0 on pitch shift
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash with rate > 1.7 on pitch shift
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed crash in re-sampler when using Speed and Pitch options
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Move Rate mods to an easier menu option
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed speed mod being called twice when rate was used
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed smartsort on player options
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed outfox-color-holds
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Restored set-color and set-effect
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed BAO charging for 2 credits
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed luastring parsing causing an edge crash on models
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed race condition in BGLayer’s loading and unloading systems
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed pre 2011 Ogg encoder bugged 44,099hz tracks crashing the game
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Sound loader buffer overflow
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed image loader sometimes creating a transparent image
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed mod parsing speed
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed illegal OS keyworded lua call
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed UTF uppercase conversion
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Locale lag on some parsing modules
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fix Attack sync
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! LoadActorForNoteSkin to set color and effect variables
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Beginning of Shift-JIS conversion support
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Force Nvidia/Intel Drivers to correctly update
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed mouse calls in Lua
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Preference to turn off the deltaclock timer on the stats in top right
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed character loading race condition
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed StepsSelector module
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed dangling file handles (closes #110 and #36 )
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed KeySound iterator to prevent edge crash on linux
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed ratemod application for legacy themes
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed pitch and rate being tied in the effect filter
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed mismatched placements of notefields on some of the different modes

Windows 7+:

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed several issues with SDL2’s pipeline that was causing weird slowdowns
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Cross Platform PortMIDI driver!
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed issue with win32 midi driver
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Made the renderer drivers 64bit safe in preparation for 64bit build
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark::dragon_face: New! Win32 Legacy Driver - part fixes #48
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark::dragon_face: New! MiniSDL Window handler - part fixes #48


  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added PipeWire driver stub - work in progress
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added TurnOffWMCompositor preference for those on KWIN/MATE/Cinnamon etc
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Disable Wayland support until SDL fixes a few issues
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed Missing handle in renderer causing some odd edge crashes on KDE
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Cross Platform PortMIDI driver!

MacOS (Intel):

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added tweaks to the initialisation method for low level windows to prevent the loading window
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Cross Platform PortMIDI driver!
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed SDL input system on Monterey (MacOS 12)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Signed Binary

MacOS (Arm M1):

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed issue with an edge case lag spike with M1 Airs with using Bluetooth Sound/Controllers
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Cross Platform PortMIDI driver!
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Fixed SDL input system on Monterey (MacOS 12)
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Signed Binary

ARM32/ARM64: (Raspberry Pi etc)

  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added pipewire driver stub - work in progress
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Disable Wayland support until SDL fixes a few issues
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: Added TurnOffWMCompositor preference for those on KWIN/MATE/Cinnamon etc
  • :grey_exclamation::white_check_mark: New! Cross Platform PortMIDI driver!

Community content


  • :white_check_mark: New! gddmnoteskin: default with real support from Jousway
  • :white_check_mark: New! ez2 noteskin: default from Lirodon
  • :white_check_mark: New! taiko noteskin: crystal-taitai from Lirodon
  • :white_check_mark: New! taiko noteskin: shizuka from Lirodon (graphics) and Jousway
  • :white_check_mark: New! taiko noteskin: taitai and taitai3d from Jousway
  • :white_check_mark: New! gdgf noteskin guitarDTX by yaladre


  • :white_check_mark: New! Soundwaves color scheme Golden Dawn by Moru.
  • :white_check_mark: All other color schemes previously exclusive to Soundwaves Community Edition have been brought upstream (“BISTRO”, “Invert Standard”, “Rainbow FUN”, “Baby Pink”, “Sunny Day”, and “The Blood”)
  • :white_check_mark: New! Soundwaves feature by Ksempac (merged from Soundwaves Community Edition); color scheme system now supports changing difficulty colors (check out Fuego and CincoCero for examples).


  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Moru, SHRMP0 and SheepyChris (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Moneko (Polish)
  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Hanubeki (Japanese)
  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Jose_Varela (Spanish)
  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Daniel Rotwind (German)
  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Ksempac (French)
  • :white_check_mark: Translations updated from Snil4 (Hebrew)

Here’s one problem I have (I have to put it here because I have no Discord or Github):

Whenever I launch the game, the screen goes blank, and sometimes, the picture doesn’t even display on Garuda Linux. I have to exit the game for the picture to come up again at least 50% of the time.

Can you provide your game logs? It should be located under /home/yourUsernameHere/.stepmania-5.3/Logs (in case there’s any crashlog, it is located under the root folder).

I fixed the issue, @SHRMP0. I altered some things with the .ini files, and that worked.

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Could you tell us in case anyone else encounters this issue? @Neigdoig

I’d like to know where on the forum and how to go about it. I don’t understand exactly what you mean @Lirodon.

no I mean, reply saying what you did to make it work

I don’t recall, but I went to Preferences.ini in the save file on my Linux machine, and changed something to say the least. I’ll take a look once I install 4.9.9HF3 again. For now, I’ll play 4.9.8, since that one treated me well.

Update: I’m currently downloading the source code version of 4.9.9HF3, and I’ll see if that does anything for me. I’ll let you know if I find anything. Another problem is that whenever I’m done with the calibration synchronization, and I have new timings, once I say “Yes”, the game crashes, but that’s for the AUR package iirc.