Project OutFox Alpha V playtest builds are now publicly available on Steam!

Starting today, Friday 10th March, we have opened up our early playtest build for everyone to celebrate 1 year of Alpha V:

Whether you play on MacOS, Windows or Linux, (or Steam Deck!) we have options and support for you!

If you are interested in testing, do click the play button and install it. This system is a bit more user friendly than our older ‘off discord server’ method, as steam will manage your updating and bug fixing.

If you do happen to find a bug, (and you will, we are still an alpha!) please report it to our GitHub repository at and have a browse over at for general information and hints and tips.

Moving forward, the ‘dance’ mode will have the first mostly completed theme, but we will be working hard on the other game modes to ensure they also get the love and provide a great experience for players. We want to just ensure that the game we put out to the wider public is less ‘bare bones’ than what we have at the moment, so you can just jump in and play.

Thanks everyone for your support, we truly appreciate it!