Project OutFox Alpha V pre-release testing has begun!

Today marks a historic moment in our history as we achieved a major milestone in our work towards #ProjectOutFox Alpha V, with our first pre-alpha builds!

We have released the first ever public Alpha V build to the pre-release testing program! Alpha- is just the beginning to check our compatibility and stability before we begin to build on that framework. At the moment it’s still just our old theming paradigm, but over the next week we will begin to add the new code and feature-set we know you’ve all been waiting for.

If you want to grab the Alpha V build before it’s released on Steam, you can still participate in our testing program! Be sure to join us on our Discord server.

We’d like to thank you all for your support, and for staying with us during the ups and downs of the Project, and we hope you’ll join us for this exciting time as we continue to push the boundaries of what this engine can deliver.

If you do decide to test the Alpha V pre-release builds, bear in mind they are not cabinet ready! We have a few weeks work yet before that happens. For now, this is just to replace Alpha 4 and to check themes (e.g. Infinitesimal, Waiei CitMin, superuser, XX Starlight, GrooveNights, Simply Love, etc…) work as expected, and for those of the modding persuasion, that all of the mod content behaves. We will be adding network/online in a few weeks.

It’s going to be a good summer,
The Project OutFox Team

PS: next Alpha 4 build,, will be released this weekend!

OutFox moving to steam should actually spike some popularity, hopefully.