Project OutFox Early Access is coming soon to Steam!


Following the community’s request, we are pleased to announce:

Project OutFox Early Access is coming soon to Steam!

You will be able to play a steam integrated build of the game for a one stop option for those that enjoy the platform. There will be a non-steam option as always, but we are so humbled by the support and positive vibes you have all sent us over the past 5 months we’ve been looking into delivering a steam option. It will begin as an early access option showcasing our new Alpha V builds, along with the new themes, online support, leader boards and steam achievements and suchlike. The game will ALWAYS be free, we do not plan to charge for it. To answer the question we have had about ‘how can we support you then…?’ We will add a series of ‘pay what you like’ DLC options like some other indie developers have done, which will allow you to support us moving forwards, but not turn OutFox into a pay to win.

We are super excited, and thank you, our wonderful playerbase for keeping us passionate and wanting to strive to make the best version of OutFox we can.

Check out our new trailer and wish list us at