Project OutFox LTS 0.4.x and Alpha V news

Hey there folks, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Last December marked the 3rd anniversary of our First Alpha 4 public release!!

We aren’t dead… we will have a new LTS 0.4.x build out soon; there are a few bugs introduced by recent OS updates that need to be sorted out first. Thank you for your patience, for all your inbox messages and questions, you can see we are having a bit of a mini end of season break as well! We have to prevent burnout somehow lol

As we begin to return to the project and look forward in 2023, we’d like to ask for input from you, our players, about your thoughts and ideas for OutFox as we begin to stabilise and move over to Alpha V becoming mainline in the Summer. To help with this, we are going to be releasing our Alpha V builds alongside LTS 4 on our GitHub, but with the ‘not set for production’ flag set as of course, it needs work still.

Another thing we’d like, is we see a lot of feedback on social media/servers which we aren’t able to respond to easily, so we are going to publicly request you use our GitHub link to add suggestions, feedback, niggles/bothers, bugs, or anything you think that would benefit the game moving forward.

Those of you that specifically use OutFox for a specific mode, can also specialise your request to this mode or to the wider engine. We want to make the game (and engine) better for everyone, and we’d like to capture feedback and information from our player base on this.

We appreciate the feedback and support you have given us over the past 3 years, and please use the GitHub to give us real thoughts and feedback, so we can make the game even better. Looking forward to reading your reports and what you’d like to see!

Project OutFox Team.

(PS: 0.4.19/0.5.0-rc37 (Steam) is coming, we’re just doing final testing!)

I cannot wait for OutFox to release on Steam! I could probably spread the word about it once it releases on my YouTube channel by reviewing Alpha V if that would be beneficial.