Searching for artist to help develop OutFox theme

I’m currently working on a theme called “Superuser”. The idea is to bring a powerful backend to allow animations and motion to be done easier without tweening, among other quality of life changes that give more power to creators and those who want to create a custom theme. I’m looking for an artist who could help me with art direction and creating mockups of several screens, as my skill in art design is subpar. Here is what I’ve designed for ScreenTitleMenu. I don’t feel this is final and I am very welcome to changes, but the overall design in mind is a sort of cyberpunk style.

Any contribution (sounds, code, etc.) is also welcome, as I will be posting this to a GitHub repo here for people to create pull requests and such. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in helping out!

I’ve used “Superuser”, and it’s fantastic in concept. Would you like an announcer pack for it? I’m more than happy with doing that.

Yeah, that would be really neat! That makes me want to add my own as well, and it’d really help to see how you do it so I can get an idea of how it works ^^"

Fantastic. I’ll get the pack made and send it over to you whenever I can. Note that I will have to use e-mail, since I do not (and will not) use Discord to do this. If you know of any other way, I could research it.

Email works fine, no problem with that :+1: