[SM5+] beat4sprite


Hi. This project is a library and a collection of examples I made with the library along the years.

This is a personal project I began back in 2013, back when I used to play with cheap and simple BGAnimations or RandomMovies (Gameplay backgrounds) on StepMania 3.9. Mostly stuff from DDR or ITG. So around that time I started to create my custom videos to use while on gameplay.

Then my idea changed because of video encoding, quality and size mostly. I moved to scripting and writing code so I could draw my own BGAnimations. So while I was learning Lua and through other games, this project evolved not only as a collection of background but a library.

I tried to do a lot of maintenance and debugging too, checking my code and the performance tests in game.

There is also a branch with BGScripts/BGCHANGES, made by other users.

:arrow_forward: Youtube Video :arrow_forward:

These might be very bright and colorful, please be aware. It is recommended to tweak the brightness of the backgrounds to your own preference.

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I recently released an OutFox mini-pack in case anyone wants to try it.