[SM5+] bitEye - Previewer


bitEye is a library that previews BGAnimations and RandomMovies at the editor and the Background Change menu. Useful for those who want to create BGScripts/BGChanges with quick references in-game.

It has a special feature only for OutFox, it’s a search box.

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Sick, how long did this took you to code this?! Epic! :wink:
(If this counts as bumping, I’m sorry but this posted 13 days ago.)

I think it took me a month. :blush:

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Wow, It is older than I thought. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just release v2.0.0 with more features. Be sure to check the changelog in the release at the repo.

Does this library support custom themes, or was it designed with Soundwaves in mind?

It’s not theme dependant. So it should work on every theme. Not showing up might mean the theme has a custom editing screens and you will have to manually add bitEye with bitEye.Spawn().

Made a fix for OutFox newer versions of ScreenEdit.