StepShare Discord Bot

Hello people, I’m here on this topic to share a project of mine to you guys.

It’s a Discord bot called StepShare that, by default, let’s you search for modded files ported from nITG to SM5. (Ports done by MTK)

You can search though chart name, chart author, support sm version or chart pack, here’s an example:

What’s goin on in that image is: User executes the command sh!chart, that’s used to find a chart by the given name, to find a chart that includes ‘matoi’, the bot then returns a list with the charts that have a similiar name and gives the chart a number (ex: on matoi it was 210, you can see on the embed), then the user types the chart number and the bot returns the file info. You can click on the title that is a hyperlink that takes you into the youtube video of the file conversion.

This is highly in beta, I expect the whole bot to get better and more user friendly, that’s why I need you guys to test it and use it when needed. The bot is already on the Moondance Discord server but I also have a Discord Server for bot support (also in beta) that can be found here

The bot is also open-source so you can help with code:

Feedback and/or suggestion can be given here, on my dm, on the discord server or in the github.

Invite to your server!

Credits to MTK for letting me get data from his requests spreadsheet.

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Since the update 2.0.0 is out for StepShare bot I’ll make a new comment, many things have changed since the first version.

Patch 2.0.0 - Better code and new commands

When there’s only one chart on any type of search, the bot will auto-choose that chart.
New command info, let’s you see the stats of the bot.
New command random, the bot gives you a random file to download.
New command id, let’s you search by the chart id. (finally)
New command crashlog and fullcrashlog, this command will display the content of the crashlog file, the crashlog command will only display important lines, while fullcrashlog will display the full crashlog, since this command can make the system explode if trolls start using it, the command will only work in some servers OR by some people:

Create “Bot Category” on the help command.
Fixed help description message to make it more clear.

Many of those features was requested by Moneko, any suggestion or report can be done here:

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Hello again, I came with changes…more than news.

The StepShare discord bot is having it’s features ported into my main discord bot, Zerinho6 Bot.
The same commands are there, the same system…etc.

The main difference is that it’s another bot and another prefix. I decided to keep the guild the same and rename it to Zerinho6 Projects.

Zerinho6 Projects Discord Server:
Zerinho6 Bot Invite: (The bot is open source if you don’t trust admin and want to look if I do anything bad)
Zerinho6 Bot Source Code:

StepShare will still work, but it won’t get any new commands or if something stops working it’s gone forever.

The charts system will still be updated in Zerinho6 Bot, there’s still new things to come.

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