Support: Offset seems to drift between executions

Posting these here since I got no replies over Discord.

I am getting crazy here. It seems every new session my offset is slightly off (10ms at most, give or take). I adjust it using a comfortable song, play it during an entire session and when I come back later, everything is slightly off sync again. The same environment between sessions, so I cannot understand the root cause.

Tried playing messing with specific settings during the last week to see if it will make things stable between two days, but couldn’t find anything yet. Tried vsync on/off, glad/opengl, locked/unlocked framerate.

Also found out yesterday even during a simple reload of the game, it seems the timing is off again.

Still using version 4.10 because of the highscore breaking in some themes on 4.13 (which I already reported and am waiting for the next version to fix it). If necessary to update to other intermediate version, let me know. Right now updated to the latest nvidia driver on my GTX 960, Windows 10, playing with a DS4 controller using DS4Windows. Could not find any adaptive framerate setting on my Nvidia control panel.

Any ideas I can try to make timing stable between executions?