Sync stepmania on big output delay

I was using stepmania on windows with steamlink casting to TV + dancepad. There was quite small delay between PC and TV so it was not big deal.
Now Im trying to do the same on Ubuntu + steamlink. Here delay is bigger (like 0.2-0.3 seconds) for both sound and visual. On my TV sound and arrows are in sync almost perfect, but judgement is of course ‘miss’, as I react to sound/display on my TV, not on my PC.

PC ----(same sound & visual delay)----> TV —> always miss regardless of sound and arrows

Is there any way tell my PC that output is delayed by 0.2 seconds?

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OutFox has no official support for Steam Link, so that’s a tough scenario to troubleshoot. Steam Input is known to cause issues with some games even when you’re not streaming them from another PC, so that could be culprit. To disable it: right-click the game on your library and open Properties, then navigate to the Controller tab and set your preference to Disable Steam Input:

Also, different operating systems can give different results on the same hardware for many reasons (drivers, kernels, etc). Try setting a different global offset under Settings » Input & Calibration » Calibrate Audio Sync and adjusting your visual delay on Settings » Sound:

Let me know if that helped you.


Thank you for your reply.

Controller (dance pad) is not a problem, as it is directly connected to PC, not via steamlink - latency is really small.
Samsung TV with steamlink app is doing only as audio/video receiver - here latecy is quite big, especially on linux.

I’ve tried AudioSync under settings but I couldn’t make it work (I was missing everything due to 0 offset, and get info about too big differences).
What I did was changing GlobalOffsetSeconds in prefernces.ini to -0.15 and then playing few songs using F6+F6. After first try it suggested changing to -0.23 and I ended up on -0.27. It feels quite ok now.

I don’t feel like there is difference between arrows and audio (even if, it is to small to matter for me). I think there is no need to use visualDelay. If needed, I will try what I found under F3+U/Y.

Thank you once again!

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