Tiny-Foxes March 2021 Update

If you are not aware of what Tiny-Foxes is, consider reading our “News” section on the Tiny-Foxes Website first.

Monthly posts such as this one will also be posted on the OutFox subreddit, which is driven by the Moondance Staff, who now also controls Tiny-Foxes. With that change, the new title for our posts will be changed to reflect changes made by Moondance Projects as a whole and not only Tiny-Foxes. This means Tiny-Foxes will still be considered the biggest and most important topic of the posts, but Moondance Projects will also be a topic.

Q: What is Project Moondance?

A: Moondance Staff assists Team Rizu by creating, maintaining and expanding community projects and organizations, such as:

Q: Who is part of Project Moondance?

A: You can always find the updated member list on OutFox-Wiki

With that being said, let’s continue with our project updates:

Has been updated with logging and fixed wrong string keys which led to display of undefined results.

Got updated to reflect new OutFox releases.

Got various updates for it’s noteskins.

Is now finally public and it’s being merged to its desired theme.

Got it’s content updated to reflect all the changes in Tiny-Foxes.

Got it’s lines updated for OutFox Alpha

That’s it for now, see everyone next month!