Tiny-Foxes & Moondance May 2021 Update

Tiny Foxes

If you are not aware of what Tiny-Foxes is, consider looking at our website first.

We’re in the middle of the year already, times never stop, but so does the Tiny-Foxes community, it’s that time again to show our updates!

Projects Update

Changed pinned repositories.
Fixed member names and descriptions.
Updated member descriptions.
Updated member statues. (explained in Moondance section)

Updated the files to match with the current state of the website.
Updated StepMania mentions clarifying exactly what version it mentions (by SheepyChris)

Is being updated constantly by Sudospective support for note mods is already in tests.

Finished making paraparaparadise 1st wheel.

Updated color scheme code to support changing the color of difficulty labels. (by Ksempac)

Renamed mirin_porting.lua to mirin_port.lua

Every color scheme got updated to support the new difficulty fields.


New Member

A new member joins the Moondance Staff as mentioned in the Tiny-Web section, it’s Sudospective, Sudo has a history of helping Team Rizu in many areas and is now joining to help Moondance with its community!

We’re always looking for people with passion and experiences to improve our community experience, this will not be the last member who joins, designers, community leaders, translators, web designers, show us you want to join and how you can contribute to the community, project Moondance and Team Rizu.

Guilded Server

A new OutFox Guilded Server has been made for those who don’t want to use our Discord Server. It’s a test to see how many of you will actually approve of this idea, if it works, we’ll share it officially on all our social media.

Discussions/New OutFox Features

New important discussions are now open that touch main features related to OutFox, such as:

Are you a chart artist? Your feedback is really important to us, read this thread to see features that we already made/working on and commend what you would like to see being changed/added!

Are you a modder? This is a new function coming to OutFox where you can give each note a mod (Attacks for those who aren’t used to modfiles). This video shows NoteMods in action: https://youtu.be/dapx_2RTESc


New Areas

We pushed a big update on the wiki that talks about Modding/Actors/Simfiles and its implementation, while it’s not even close to being finished and how we want it to look, expect more and more big updates to come about it. (Thanks 48productions for helping).


You can also help us, go into the wiki repository and open a PR with your additions.

We’re also looking for people who are experienced with docsify, if you’re one of those, please contact us on our Guilded or Discord server!

OutFox Community Pack

The songs have already been chosen:

Aspid Cat - Abandoned Doll

Aspid Cat - Conflicting Revenge

Jack5 - Nexen II (Phase Two)

Matduke - Broken

Matduke - Heartbeat

Matduke - Let Me See You

mmry - After The Ending

PizeroFox - Tagebuch der vergangenen Erinnerungen

Seo - brokenHeart resurrection ~estelle~

Sevish - Some Things Must (OutFox Edit)

spirai project “drazil” - synthborn lovebirds

You can listen to the playlist here: https://soundcloud.com/shrmp0/sets/outfox-community-pack

We’re now in the charting/graphics stage, you can see who is working on what on this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hAPgC29jt6On-gwzDP2lQtDLR2V76AQUc065ME5LKj8/, If you want to work on something, please contact us on our Guilded or Discord server!

That was a lot since the last post and we hope you like it, see you next month.