USB dance pad doesn't register inputs on M1 MacBook Pro (StepMania beta 4.9.1)


I know this is a bit bleeding-edge, but I just got a new M1 Mac and my USB dance pad doesn’t seem to register inputs, though the “Test Input” settings page shows that the device is present when I plug it in (macOS reports it as visible on USB as well). Actually pressing any of the buttons doesn’t show any inputs being received by the app though.

I did try toggling the Old Joystick Mapping setting (and restarting), no dice. I also verified that the same beta (4.9.1) running on my older Intel Macbook (running macOS Catalina) correctly registers inputs from the same pad, with the same app settings.

Maybe this is just something to do with the app running in Rosetta on the new CPU? Maybe we’ll get lucky and just building for the new architecture would fix this up. :slight_smile:


We don’t currently have access to the new M1 hardware, and you’re the first to try, so this is new territory for us.

You might want to try the new Alpha 4.9.5 we released last night on legacy input mode.

Gave the new beta a try, no luck sadly.

I appreciate that this is a super bleeding-edge scenario, just wanted to report it for reference.

(I did try other apps on my older Mac and the pad didn’t seem to do anything even there, so that’s hard to draw any conclusions from.)

Update: We now have access to M1 hardware (specifically, Squirrel got a new Mac Mini), so we’ll be able to look into ARM-related issues and optimizations.

Although we are still working on fixing controllers in a future build, we did release a nightly build specifically for M1 today.

Controllers are now supported on Alpha 4.9.6

Yo! Just gave the new alpha a spin, it works great and didn’t require any update to the settings, awesome!

I know this is a free project, but I’d buy the team a round of drinks if that were a thing, thanks for working on this! :smile: