USB Profile Documentation?

Hey all! I’ve brought it up within the Discord already as I’ve been troubleshooting it (I’ve determined the Linux Operational Procedure out there from 2019 for it might be a little deprecated for USB Profiling, so I’ve opted for a Windows install for this machine to allow for profiling. I’ll have to post my findings later, but I should be able to after wrapping this project), but is anyone willing to go back and forth with me over how I can really flesh out the customization of a USB Profile for arcade players? I’d love to create documentation for this as it’d really help reel people into the arcade if they can track their scores/keep customization preferences stowed away on the drives, but I just can’t seem to find enough information within existing documentation.

One immediate question I have currently that I can’t find is:

  • How do I add/create profile pictures to my USB Profile with the default OutFox Theme?

Beyond that however, I have one additional question for USB Profiling at this time:

  • Is there a profile editor/configurator either within the game, or an app outside that’d allow users to easily set things up?

I’d love to help out with getting functionality of this rolling where I can recommend folks to set up a drive if they want to look into improving their gameplay/performance tracking, so I may just go back to 5.1 build and look into building out the feature in a fork, but any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!