Want to introduce yourself?

I thought I’d get to know the community a little bit. Compose little or much to your liking. Here’s mine:

I’m Nëïgsëndöïg “The Android” Cöcülës, an 18yo young man looking to start an entertainment company using YouTube, but I don’t know when a good time to start would come at the moment.

My first experience into rhythm gaming was DDR Supernova 2 for PS2 back in 2008 (as far as I could remember. I was 6 at the time). Years later in August or September of last year, I got into games such as Quaver, Stepmania (eventually here), and osu!mania, but I’m decent with upwards of DDR Challenge 14 density (in Quaver and osu!), but I can get at least 80% in OutFox Challenge 18 (with the Hololive Packs made by KyokiShinsa). I am by no means, a veteran, but I do like improving in baby steps as the days go by. I do play other games, free and retro, but sometimes paid.

If you’d like to know more about me, feel free to reach out. Note that I do not use Discord, but I can use Mumble, Steam ([CISN] Neigdoig or [CISN] Android) or Sylo (a decentralized money transfer and messaging app).