Weird nitpick/question: (In)Correct ITG timing windows[?]

A very weird question that’s been bugging me for a while is: Why are the various ITG timing windows not what they would normally be?

In the list of customizable timing windows, it seems that all the ITG(and ITG-based) windows have an extra 1.5ms added to them for some reason (Fantastic is normally 21.5ms, but it’s 23ms in OF, Excellent is 43ms, but it’s 44.5ms in OF, and so on…)

Am I missing something about these numbers? Or are these actually the timing windows and I’m just remembering them wrong?

(And yes I know I can just manually edit the “Timing.lua” file and adjust the values accordingly, but these are the numbers by default, so…)

I’m not a developer, so I wouldn’t know about these timing windows. I use ECFA (an ITG-based window) primarily. My guess is that the ITG Timings are for the Post-ITG community with controllers that need that extra wiggle room for minor adjustments made outside of the owners’ control. Add on top of that monitors that have high refresh rates.