Where to place random movies

so with sm 3.95 it was rather straight forward but with outfox i cant seem to get it working.

ive seen that you make a RandomMovies folder in the root and place videos there
but nothing happens.(i have enabled random movies in the game)

please tell me what im doing wrong

From what you described, it should be working indeed. What OutFox build are you using? On what operating system? Are you using a custom theme?

Other than that, random movies won’t play on simfiles that have a video/animation if their corresponding files are present.

I am using the outfox theme on Windows 10 with the latest outfox.

And if outfox uses a random movie folder in root shouldn’t it be there by default?
I have to manually put in a RandomMovies folder myself

I see. The folder doesn’t come with the game since there’s no default videos yet, but creating one yourself works just fine.

In that case, could you send your logs inside /Logs and your Preferences.ini file located under /Save?

how do i send it to you?

You can just zip everything into one file, upload to Google Drive or any other similar service and post the link here

Did you set the backgrounds option to Random Movies?
If you’re using Soundwaves then you can check in Options -> User Experience -> Background Options -> Mode set to Random Movies

heres the files you requested

yes i have turned it on with no success hence why im asking for further assistance

Thanks, I’ll just need you to accept the request I sent to access them

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RandomBackgroundMode is set to Off on your preferences file. Change it to RandomMovies and it should work as intended.

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