Windows 64-bit builds coming soon

Hello folks, as we’ve had quite a few questions about the Windows 64 build we are working on at the moment, we thought we’d give you some transparency and answer your questions all at once:

Q: Are you discontinuing Win32?

A: Not at all! we need to support Win64 for the Steam build, and as Windows 11 stabilises we will need to adapt to the new changes in what Microsoft bring. We will continue to support the 32-bit builds, and will continue to keep a legacy build around for folks.

The Win64 build will be built for newer (Windows 8+) OSes primarily and will support newer (post 2010) CPUs, but we would like your comments and thoughts on this.

Q: Why now? The 32-bit build works fine!

A: We have noticed that a lot of our players use massive (>40k songs) libraries.

With the maturity of the other game modes and styles, people will want to be able to enjoy a larger collection across the styles so moving to 64-bit allows this.

Q: When will the 64bit builds be available?

A: We have backported the build process to alpha 4, so when it has passed testing by our lovely testing volunteers it’ll be up, hopefully for the next alpha.

Q: What is currently broken?

A: Well we are investigating. We last looked into 64-bit back in the FoxMania era (2018) when we were exploring options and directions for the project.

We have to fix MIDI and a few of the 32-bit specific drivers, PacDrive being one, but the manufacturer has provided a solution so we can keep the 32-bit option for our legacy hardware players. If you spot any quirks or have suggestions do let us know, we want to ensure the widest amount of players are represented and have a build suited to them.

figured it’s worth mentioning about ARM devices like WINARM32 and WINARM64, even ARM devices that use linux. My only concern here is the stability of ARM is known to be for… well… not the best if you’re trying to play a game. Which is why I asked; is ARM support be planned? (assuming it already isn’t)
despite this being 4 months ago, it still bothers me that the source code still seems to have nothing related to WINARM64